Social Media and Your Real Estate Career

Your clients and you are crazy about Social Media these days and as a REALTOR®, we have to be careful in what we post and how we do it.  I am blogging to you about some advertising issues that I have personally viewed on REALTOR® pages business and or personal and also a little advice on posting.


Advertising on Social Media is no different than advertising in the newspaper.  If you remember this, you will understand how to post correctly.  One of the most common mistakes I see is missing required information according to the Illinois License Law and you don't want to make this mistake, because the penalties can financially be high and you could lose your license in some cases.  

What needs to be in your post?  Your Company Name and Your Name... If the listing is not yours then you must say "Listing Courtesy of That Agent and Company Names".  Simply it is no different that placing an advertisement in the Newspaper. 


The REALTOR® Trademark is owned by the National Association of REALTORS® and you have the right to use it as a member, but are you using it right?  CLICK HERE to learn more!


There's a great way to keep yourself out of an Ethics Hearing.  If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.  I will be scrolling through Facebook and happen to run across "I just had the most rotten real estate deal with Sally SellsAll REALTOR®!" YIKES!  Don't do this and better yet don't complain about a Buyer/Seller or another industry professional on Social Media at all!  Would you place an advertisement in the Newspaper saying the same thing?  I'm thinking, NO, so don't do it on Social Media either please!


The Social Media for REALTORS®: 101 Do's and Don'ts guide will help you:
• Expand your sphere of influence
• Generate leads
• Make connections
• Improve your business
• Build relationships
• Gain referrals
In this quick reference guide you’ll find sections on:
• Social Networking and the Connection with Real Estate
• General Social Media Tips
You’ll then delve into specific tips for the three most popular social networking sites:
• Facebook (Your Little Black Book or Reunion)
• Twitter (The Online Cocktail Party)
• LinkedIn Tips (Your online Rolodex and Resume)
The Social Media for REALTORS®: Your Website guide is broken down into sections that take the reader through:
• Today's Website
• Creating a Site Worth Visiting
• What Kind of Blog Will You Create for Your Website
• Find a Niche
• 11 Step by Step Instructions on How to Develop Dynamic Content in the 'Writing Your Site Content' Section
• Promoting Your Site
• Using NAR Member Only Resources in Your Marketing
The Social Media for Realtors®: Facebook guide will help you:
• Creating your Personal “Profile”
• How to manage your friends using the “Smart List” feature
• How to Maximize the Business “Page”
• What and How to Post
• Facebook “Case Study”
• 18 “Putting Into Practice” Tips that turn theory into action
• 10 Ways to Use Content to Get Results
• 10 Ways to Optimally Manage Your Time on Facebook
• The 5 Item That Make a Good Business “Page”
• 5 Topics with expanded video tips
The Social Media for Realtors®: Digital Marketing guide will help you:
• Hub and Spoke concept
• Social networking and it’s relation to marketing
• Budget and timing recommendations
• Marketing Inventory Analysis
• How to analyze and use online analytics
• SEM and SEO
• Putting It Into Practice Examples provided for all how to “tips”

This product takes you through the nuts and bolts of what it takes to create a smart and sustainable social media strategy that will help you build better relationships with your clients, and generate new leads to help you grow your business.
There is no ‘ easy button’ when it comes to creating a smart social media strategy. It isn't something you can outsource or automate; it’ s something that requires time, love, attention and a plan. Reading this book is the first step in your journey toward creating and maintaining a smart social media strategy for your business. 

In this webinar, social media strategist Katie Lance will teach the best practices for maximizing two of the fastest growing platforms; Snapchat and Instagram. These two platforms are ideal platforms to connect with the next generation home buyer and seller. You will learn:
·         the latest trends with these two platforms
·         how to create a comprehensive strategy
·         how to integrate these two platforms into your existing strategy 
·         how to master the art of storytelling and how to generate leads
·         how to generate new business using Snapchat and Instagram.
·         and more! 


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