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Leaders READ:
In Praise of the Purple Cow By: Seth Godin

Thoughts to Ponder:
What if we are too busy? (Are we busy doing the right things?)
What fear of failure keeps us pinned down?
I want to live! I stopped worrying about what people think of me! I think weird. I'm just going to be me and if you don't like it... Go away
Surround yourself with good people 
Structure your ideas around your area of brilliance and act now
What do you do exceptionally well?

Ways to be Remarkable
Auto focus like a camera 
What do you want and can you find a way to measure it?

Education for YOU:
Legal Issues Breakfast (Reference: Betsy Urbance and Jeff Baker IR Attorneys)
Code of Ethics is stricter sometimes than the Illinois License Law
We have designated agency or assumed agency in Illinois
There is no such thing as ministerial acts - you always owe duties and fiduciary duties to someone. There is no such form anymore as Ministerial acts.
The IL Business Brokers Act requires registration and is not applicable where real estate is the majority of the transaction. If not it costs $200 to register with the Secretary of State in Illinois. 
Advertising: No misleading or blind advertisements. 
The company name must be apparent and seen on all Social Media.
Independent Contractor Agreements must be done with everyone in your office including your assistants.
A large amount of calls come into the legal hotline about Commission after an agent leaves and office. It needs to be covered in the Agreement. 
Listing agreements are the assets of the company. Unless there's permission in the contract, the agents cannot take them. 
If the seller wants to leave, then the leaving agent must tell them that this issue is between the seller and the former Managing Broker of the company.
All the rules still apply like they did before prior to setting up your Team. Your Team is a division within the larger company. You are not your own business. Licensees can only be sponsored one time with one sponsoring broker at only one at a time.
No one is an employee or independent contract of the team. 
Teams are usually forced into Dual Agency.
It needs to be clear to the consumer in advertising with teams, the company affiliation and who they get on the team to serve them.
Team names should be true.
All interests need to be disclosed that touch any part of the transaction. If they are on the closing statement, they have to be disclosed.
Fair Housing is regulated on the local, state and national level. You must check all and follow the strictest protected classes.
No pets policies do not apply to service animals.  A service animal is not considered a pet and you cannot charge a pet deposit etc.

Social Media:
(Reference: Katie Lance)
Update photo
Update skills and expertise
Add relevant photos/videos
Update contact information
Publish new content
Give/ask for 5-10 recommendations.


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