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Stuff You NEED to Know :)

Hey there Members & Friends!

Happy Pre-Labor Day Weekend!

I was thinking about two important services that might be very valuable to you!


The HAR Website now has a featured button on the top of the website that allows you to pay your invoice/fees etc via Credit Card online... How cool is that?!  Also, we are working on credit card solutions to eliminate or significantly lower our processing fee.  I am encouraged that we will unveil this by new dues/fees year November 1st for you!  CLICK HERE TO PAY ONLINE


This is a feature on our website that allows you to ask me real estate questions that you have.  I receive many calls from members with questions about real estate transactions, complaint issues, dispute resolution, real estate laws, license law, agency, anti-trust and the list goes on.

If I do not know the answer, I will find it for you!  Many do not know that I have a background in real estate and have been in the real estate industry for 26 years…

Social Media and Your Real Estate Career

Your clients and you are crazy about Social Media these days and as a REALTOR®, we have to be careful in what we post and how we do it.  I am blogging to you about some advertising issues that I have personally viewed on REALTOR® pages business and or personal and also a little advice on posting.
Advertising on Social Media is no different than advertising in the newspaper.  If you remember this, you will understand how to post correctly.  One of the most common mistakes I see is missing required information according to the Illinois License Law and you don't want to make this mistake, because the penalties can financially be high and you could lose your license in some cases.  
What needs to be in your post?  Your Company Name and Your Name... If the listing is not yours then you must say "Listing Courtesy of That Agent and Company Names".  Simply it is no different that placing an advertisement in the Newspaper.