Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!  As the Association Executive of the HomeTown Association of REALTORS®, I would love to share with you current information of what I learn along the way.  Education and Industry knowledge are important to me and sharing is the best way to help you along in your real estate career as well.  I hope you enjoy my blog... another great service of HAR for YOU!

I recently attended the Illinois REALTORS® Conference & Expo in Collinsville and if you do not attend this great event, you may want to consider making it a goal for next year.  Over the next month I will be sharing the highlights with you. 

Leaders READ:
The Great and Powerful "Ah" By: Karel Murray

Thoughts to Ponder:
Today, the one sure way to fail is to be boring
Your one chance for success is to be remarkable
It's possible to lead a cow upstairs but not downstairs
Siblings can make you shorter
Are you remarkable? Meaning worthy of being or likely to be noticed, unusual 

How do we know when we're being remarkable? 

Ways to be Remarkable
Trust the right people
Update your website - revise your logo

Education for YOU:

Real Estate Compliance (Reference: Kim Daugherty)
I've learned that there are still some things I haven't made up my mind up about yet
A business is required to scrub it's no call list against the National Do Not Call Registry? Once a month.
Which government agency investigates mortgage fraud? IRS, FBI and Secret Service
A new licensee plans to send out an email that promotes a new listing and the licensees services.   According to the CAN SPAM Act, the licensee must...Tell recipients how to opt out of future emails
A licensee is listing a property that was built in 1952. Which of the following will the licensee need to provide to potential buyers? An EPA approved information pamphlet on identifying and controlling lead based paint hazards.
Can a mortgage lender have a contest with real estate agents offering a free cruise? No this is a violation of Section 8 of RESPA
A houseboat is considered real property if people live in it and have it as their mailing address? False

Social Media:
(Reference: Katie Lance)
Take the Online-Offline (handwritten notes - face to face)
Social media has changed the ways that news is spread
If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you
BE Intentional
Without a strategy you’re just throwing something against a wall and hoping that it sticks.

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